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Refinance Questionaire


 (Choose One: Rate & Term Refinance or Refinance w/Cash-out)

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Employment: Needed 2 years of Employment History, Starting With the Most Current

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Ended Date:

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-  Checking - Balance:

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Current Principle Balance:  $

Is there a HELOC or Home Equity on The Property?  Yes   or No

Type of Home:

Number of Bedroom:

Occupancy: Owner Occupy,   Second Home  or   Rental Home

Is the House with any Unpermitted Constructions?     Yes  or  No

(Ex: Garage Conversion, Unpermitted bathroom or Sunroom added?) 

Title To Be Held As:

(If no change, please put  No Change)

Are You A US Citizen?  If not,

Are You A Green Card Holder?

Any Rental Property?  If so,

Provide the Address:

Type of Property:

Monthly HOA (if applicable):

Monthly Rental Income:

Please Notice: if your most two bank statement is with any cash or large deposit of $1,000 or more, let me know so I can further review them.  Refund cash or check from relatives or friends might not be approved by lender. 

If 401K Statement is used for Reserves Purposes, please send us the most recent two statement together with the Term and Conditions as required by the lender.

Thank you for your time filling this form out.  We're looking to working with you on the transaction soon!!!

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